Life is not so straightforward

Good news if you like things the way you want them

We believe it's OK to be bit choosy when it comes to a new kitchen. We actually like customers who know what they want. And we make a point of giving you a kitchen which may well be better than you had even dreamed.
We're kitchen nerds. Prepared to go into the most ridiculous detail to ensure that your kitchen is not only nice to look at, but is also fantastic to use for everything a kitchen is exposed to every single day.

So what is it we do that's so special? Basically, it comes down to two things: Quality and flexibility. The quality of every single Svane kitchen is very high. And we mean all the way through - from the smallest screw to the longest worktop. Quality is one of the reasons we won the Boligmagasinet Kitchen of the Year award. And flexibility is all about how far we are prepared to go to ensure your dream kitchen becomes the kitchen of your dreams.

We have the biggest range of cabinet and drawer widths on the market - and anything we don't have in the range can be made to order. Unlike many others in the business, we are not locked into off-the-shelf products, rules and mass production. That means, quite simply, that there's more to choose from when you choose a Svane kitchen.

Like we say - life is not so straightforward!

We fulfil your kitchen dreams - that's not just our ambition, but our objective every time a customer comes in the door... We look forward to seeing you...

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Svane is one of the biggest Danish kitchen manufacturers, founded in 1992. We have grown into a nationwide chain with 28 franchise outlets in Denmark, and we are expanding in Norway and the rest of Europe.

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