What can we do that's special?

This short guide provides you with a brief description of the areas we can make a difference when you choose a kitchen. The rest of the story is something you will experience with our design consultants, dedicated to helping you through the exciting process of choosing a new kitchen: 

  1. Craftsmanship and quality. We like good craftsmanship, and have a consistent approach to quality. That's something we apply to the choice of materials, production methods and our personnel. Everyone involved takes pride in producing your kitchen - which is why we can give you an extended guarantee without hesitation when you choose a Svane Kitchen.
  2. Security, and Danish jobs. Our design consultants will guide you through the entire process from initial thoughts and ideas, until your kitchen is installed in your home. Your kitchen will be produced as a single order, with both elements and worktops, at our factory here in Denmark. This ensures that we have complete control of all details concerning production and delivery. 
  3. Selection. We have the largest selection on the market of different cabinet and drawer widths. This ensures that luxury kitchen solutions, making the best possible use of available space, are affordable. You avoid having to pay extra for out-of-the-ordinary items. You can also find an attractive range of bathroom and sliding doors. In other words: A complete range of fixtures and fittings for your home.
  4. The details. Svane's creative design consultants are always on the lookout for luxury individual extras, which make the difference for your kitchen. We focus on details, because we believe it's the little things that make a big difference - from 'nice' to 'wow!' 
  5. 100% Danish design. We design all our new kitchens ourselves. That gives us the creative freedom and room to meet your expectations in new and exciting ways. One thing is the design elements you see at first sight, but we also focus a lot on the details you can't see, which make your kitchen solid and practical. You can find options and designs at Svane Kitchen you cannot find elsewhere.
  6. The environment, Indoor Climate (Dansk Indeklima Mærkning) and Global Compact. All solid wood worktops form Svane are FSC® certified - a guarantee for responsibly produced wood. That's why Svane products have been awarded the Dansk Indeklima Mærkning label, allowing you to choose a kitchen which ensures you a better indoor climate. What's more, our factory subscribes to the UN's Global Compact, a guarantee of social responsibility.


We fulfil your kitchen dreams - that's not just our ambition, but our objective every time a customer comes in the door... We look forward to seeing you...

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Svane is one of the biggest Danish kitchen manufacturers, founded in 1992. We have grown into a nationwide chain with 28 franchise outlets in Denmark, and we are expanding in Norway and the rest of Europe.

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