Svane worktops

When quality matters

We produce worktops to suit any kitchen. Standard materials are laminate, solid wood and Coretop, for a range to match any taste and budget.

Custom orders are confirmed with a drawing, and we deliver to your door within a few days. Naturally, we even bring the worktop into apartments in multi-storey buildings.

Take a look at the range in the sub-menu above. Draw inspiration from the photos in our galleries and visit your local Svane Køkkenet showroom, where we can broaden your horizons when it comes to choice of worktop!

We fulfil your kitchen dreams - that's not just our ambition, but our objective every time a customer comes in the door... We look forward to seeing you...

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Svane is one of the biggest Danish kitchen manufacturers, founded in 1992. We have grown into a nationwide chain with 28 franchise outlets in Denmark, and we are expanding in Norway and the rest of Europe.

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